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This study aims to find empirical evidence about the antecedents of the intention of testing Internet users consisting of several factors in the decision to trade through e-commerce. The subjects were 175 consumers of Internet users in Indonesia through a mailing list. This study uses a questionnaire survey instrument. This study identifies the extent to which the reference (antesedent) of intention (intention) of internet users against decisions transactions through e-commerce. In this study tested the hypothesis that there are 10 and 9 hypothesis is proven using software SMARTPLS. From the results of this study indicate that the intention of Internet users in the decision transactions through e-commerce is affected by the privacy, security, confidence (trust), the perception of risk (perceived risk), perceived ease of use (perceived ease of use), the benefits perceived (perceived usefulness ).

 Keywords: Antecedent, Trust, Perceived Risk, Perceived Ease of Use, Perceived Usefulness, Intention,  e-Commerce

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