Yeni Andikasari, Herri Setiawan


English language learners in high education institutions believe that vocabulary learning is difficult and  
complicated. At the university level, learners are forced to make conscious effort to learn vocabulary outside of
the classroom because of the  learning time  in the classroom  is limited. Consequently, the learners play an
important role in developing and enhancing their vocabulary. now, surving on the Internet has been the most
popular way to learn English because it is convenient as well as entertaining. It saves a lot of time. beside that
Some websites provide beautiful illustrations to learn English so the learners learn by fun. A few websites supply
amusing games and online language exercises to attract attention thereby helping them learn English effectively.  
Having been inspired from article by Dr.Vangeepuram Sreenathachary 2011, about  using Internet in improving
one’s english language skills and supported by some finding of  Marc Rosenberg adapted Strategies for delivering
knowledge in the digital Age by Rosenberg, M. J,2001, authors of This paper aims at using  internet site as a
teaching model to enhancing learners English vocabulary. The instructional plan covers the objectives, materials,
activities and assessment. Instructional strategies to use quesioner sheet, guided and reflective discussion,web
site link.
Key words:  Internet site, Independent Learners, Teaching model,Vocabulary

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