Author Guideliness

 Guidelines Regarding Submitted Manuscript

  1. Manuscripts to be considered by JEG should adhere to the following guidelines: The submissions must be written in English. They should not have been published previously. Simultaneous submission to other journals is not permitted while under consideration by JEG
  2. In order to ensure a double-blind review process, it is important to ensure that the manuscript does not contain any author-identifying information such as names, emails, or affiliations. Instead, please provide this information in the submission metadata.
  3. In order to facilitate a smooth and efficient review process, we kindly request authors to adhere to basic formatting and style requirements when submitting manuscripts. Failure to comply with the guidelines outlined by JEG may result in the need for revisions and resubmission, which could impact the timely progression of manuscripts through the editorial process
  4. We recommend that prior to submitting your manuscript to JEG, you consider sharing it with colleagues for their feedback and suggestions. It is beneficial to incorporate their valuable insights into your revisions. However, please note that the reviewers should not be the first readers of your manuscript.
  5. The manuscript preparation and style guidelines for JEG closely align with the documentation of the American Psychological Association (APA) with a few modifications. It is important that each manuscript includes a reference list comprising only the cited works, utilizing Mendeley tools. Each entry in the reference list should provide all the necessary information for clear identification. For the author-date system, please follow the format recommended by APA.
  6. Please ensure that the following guidelines are followed when preparing your manuscripts for JEG: Use A4 paper size (210mm x 297mm). Choose a 10-point Gill Cambria font for the entire manuscript, with a single line spacing, except for indented quotations. Save the manuscript as a Word file. Number all pages consecutively, including tables, appendices, and references. Spell out numbers from one to ten, except when used in tables, lists, or with mathematical, statistical, scientific, or technical units and quantities (e.g., distances, weights, and measures). For example: three days; 5 kilometers; 10 years. Express all other numbers numerically. It is recommended to use the JEG template for your manuscript. A sample template can be found at the end of this document.
  7. The article should have a length of 6000 to 8000 words, including references, diagrams, and tables. Please note that the final length of the manuscript is ultimately determined by the editor. Manuscripts that fall significantly below or exceed the specified word count may be returned to the author(s) for revision before being considered by the editors. It is important to exclude tables, figures, and references from the word count


Structure of the manuscripts

To ensure the smooth process of copying manuscripts, follow according to the template:

  1. Article Title
  2. Author’s name and Affiliations
  3. Abstract
  4. Keyword
  5. JEL Classification Numbers
  6. Introduction
  7. Literature Review and Hypotheses Development
  8. Method
  9. Result and Discussion
  10. Conclusion and future direction
  11. Implication

Online Submissions

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